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*CardiganBEST ITEM*

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  • MJ ™ Eames Basic Banpolar Knit JT1394

  • Popular without knowing the expression! ★ ★ 6 million breakthrough ★ ★ Why best Have you tried not yet? Soft touch feeling is not slim to the skin (10color) * Last quantity! There is no additional reorder ~ *
  • 20.33 USD 18.30 USD

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • Janine Shawl Cardigan JG0294

  • Cool silhouette silhouette falling down slowly Open-type shovel design, fashionable to wear! (3color)
  • 38.97 USD 35.07 USD
  • Leah Long Cardigan JG0170

  • Super GREET ITEMS THAT THE REVIEW GIVES IT The perfect texture for this season (4color)
  • 38.97 USD 35.07 USD
  • Tom Kara Cardigan JG0197

  • Cute design of coat pit which is produced neatly! Bokashi color mixed with a sophisticated color ^^ (4color)
  • 38.97 USD 35.07 USD
  • Aria teuim Long Cardigan JG0233

  • Seonggeul seonggeul gently weave Cool Good matching the various items in the inner Zech ~ Long Length! (3color)
  • 20.33 USD 18.30 USD
  • Severn Long Cardigan JG0333

  • It is easy to coordinate because it is basic line which is good just in the room and also in the frying period! (5color)
  • 20.33 USD 18.30 USD
  • Kiva Basic Cardigan JG0334

  • It is easy to coordinate because it is basic design from set to single autumn to early autumn (5color)
  • 14.68 USD 13.21 USD
  • Assis Open Cardigan JG0105

  • It is feminine as shoal collar! It is neat (5color) with splendid color that two-tone was mixed.
  • 14.91 USD 13.42 USD
  • Rabiot pearl Cardigan JG0223

  • Good also to the carefully-seonggeul Delicate See-through look great with no special frills feel of the weave itself! (3color)
  • 32.75 USD 29.48 USD (sold out)
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