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*NecklaceBEST ITEM*

Recommendations Item List
  • Basic fake Slipper JA0451

  • No hidden Sox finished with tightness neatly like sweat absorption always refreshingly OK (4color)
  • 1.70 USD 1.53 USD

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • Della pendant Necklace JA1079

  • Presented in a simple and unique look even more stylish pendant key pointUP luxurious suede strap (2color)
  • 11.34 USD 10.21 USD
  • Glam cubic Necklace JA0945

  • Cubic with a diameter 1.8cm key point GOOD! While women proudly elegant sense ronghan length
  • 20.41 USD 18.37 USD
  • Oh lobby pendant Necklace JA0881

  • UP to sense color combination Leopard point of feeling! I'm coordinating tastefully finished in a variety of styles (4color)
  • 15.88 USD 14.29 USD
  • Benny pearl Necklace JA0624

  • Feminine pearl decoration, look good anywhere Chic coordinating pendant as a bar who do not even own good!
  • 18.14 USD 16.33 USD
  • Necklace JA0623 Ridge Surgery

  • HOT advanced into the small intestine lovable emotions surgery Delicate colors and decorations that are common to eouleojyeo the ball!
  • 32.89 USD 29.60 USD
  • Loa simple Necklace JA0612

  • I love to enjoy every day without advanced design lovable fashion seen as a simple pendant ~ (2color)
  • 11.34 USD 10.21 USD
  • Wonder ring Necklace JA0471

  • Good simple ring pendant with matching willingly! ~ Lovable nice antique feel should have keolreogam (2color)
  • 9.07 USD 8.16 USD
  • Jam pearl Necklace JA0513

  • Luxurious beautiful neckline production - become key point items to brighten the mood to face!
  • 20.41 USD 18.37 USD
  • Angel Round Necklace JA0510

  • Ronghan lightly with a sense of styling length key point ~ two lines chain pendant carefully layered handeut great! (2color)
  • 9.07 USD 8.16 USD
  • Noah ball Necklace JA0504

  • 3mm to brighten the neckline with a silver ball chain! Sterling also as a gift to the 92.5% statutory GOOD ~
  • 56.47 USD 50.82 USD
  • Buffalo Horn Necklace JA0453

  • Luxurious soft colors of the materials with quality in style ~ Buffalo sensibility hayibeuraendeu Good!
  • 81.65 USD 73.49 USD
  • Buffalo chain Necklace JA0452

  • A luxurious sense of style to high-quality items made of natural buffalo horn Brand of luxury sensibility!
  • 212.06 USD 190.85 USD
  • book pendant Necklace JA0315

  • Cute pendant decorated with a big, warm, huge welcome to point to the right! Anything jerk each coordinated to match the style burdens
  • 11.11 USD 10.00 USD
  • Artie cubic Necklace JA0290

  • Mood luxury items to meet the reasonable price! Bling one cubic decor and stylish design of the Special Focus
  • 20.41 USD 18.37 USD
  • Mal Necklace C188A189 stone

  • Tiny, tiny little cute charm pendant decorated with a sense of up-ronghan easily match the length of your
  • 16.44 USD 14.80 USD
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