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  • Fur muffler JA1406

  • Feel comfortable in the sense of a fluffy ~ It is so good to use! (3color)
  • 11.18 USD
  • Fur muffler JA1405

  • Winter is warm (5color) with a muffler that is just enough for a key point item,
  • 15.25 USD
  • [1 + 1] Peppermint Day Scarf

  • You are one of me, good to share, and have a good time with both of you. I usually do not like to be able to ball my own styling ^^ (4 types 2)
  • 11.18 USD (sold out)
  • FRP scarf JA1254

  • Mixed in color, layered and directing Chic Chic rings together worry about directing NO
  • 10.17 USD
  • Sanderine muffler JA1283

  • embossing feeling Wrinkles key point! Though it is different in color, it is luxurious (3color)
  • 12.99 USD
  • Frankie Button Scarf JA1244

  • Sense of three-dimensional patterns, sophisticated UP! It is also convenient to have a suitable size (4color)
  • 10.17 USD
  • Lamy Ring Scarf JA1240

  • It is fashionable to repeat the ring pattern, how to produce a stylish tie ~! (4color)
  • 10.17 USD
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