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  • Basic Color socks JA1133

  • Natural slab textured feel comfortable with emotional jjangjjanghan ankle bending process! (8color)
  • $ 1.69
  • At saw Stockings JA0841

  • The supple feel the best! ~ Yapjik such as socks and stockings purchased by color to bright jewel tones (5color)
  • $ 4.52
  • Basic fake Slipper JA0451

  • It is neatly finished by hiding socks without stiffness Good sweat absorbing power is always nice OK (4color)
  • $ 1.69
  • JA0380 multi Ankle Tights

  • Good to semi-formal Basic items with the same high-ankle stockings simplicity utilization in a variety of styles! (2color)
  • $ 1.69
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