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*One PieceBEST ITEM*

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  • MJ™ Er A-line Skirt JS04724

  • Perfect Aline fit with feminine mood Linen blend material without stiffness Wear it comfortably with full waist banding ~ (M, L / 3color)
  • $ 29.93
One Piece One Piece Skirt

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • MJ™ Block Hooded Dress JO05209

  • Urbane full of sophistication and sportiness Adjustable waist string to fit your body shape. Two lengths, Basic and Long, fit perfectly!
  • $ 44.61
  • Smile Stripe Dress JO05193

  • With a thin cotton blend, it is comfortable to wear and is lovely with a back line smile character (2color)
  • $ 23.72
  • Cayde incision long dress JO05133

  • Aline One Piece (3color) that is stylish even with just one square piece of fabric that you can wear all the time even in midsummer
  • $ 44.95
  • Flower Pintuck Square Neck Dress JO05152

  • 20% discount on Hang/Blessing/Special/Autumn A fit that creates a delicate body line all the way through the summer with a light and slick fabric~ (3color)
  • $30.50 $ 24.40
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