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*Round NeckBEST ITEM*

Recommendations Item List
  • unbalanced polar knit

  • There were many people who could not purchase due to lack of quantity. Quantity has been secured!! Hurry up and buy! Soft Knit (6color) that fits really well when worn
  • $ 27.67
  • [MADE] Dodo Basic Polar Knit 22fw

  • Last price for this year! Reorder price increase planned Cozy and soft on the skin A comfortable neck pole without any irritation or stuffiness! (5color)
  • $ 21.46

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • leopard print 5 tee

  • It is highly recommended as an inner T-shirt with a thick feeling! The chic and attractive print stands out! (2color)
  • $ 35.01
  • Raw and Peach Raised Tee

  • A cozy peach brush that can be used as an inner! Key point up sensibly with soft velvet printing (2color)
  • $ 30.50
  • [MADE] Soft Brushed Basic Tee 22fw

  • Raised version of the popular Soft Modal Tee!! Warm with soft brushed lining! Enjoy every day with Neat slim fit~ (M,L / 6color) *WineM,BlackM 12/12 Estimate storage*
  • $ 20.89
  • Deoni Slav Part 7 T-shirt

  • A daily item that is good to collect by color of slab material that is soft and comfortable to wear! (10color / 2type)
  • $ 10.05
  • leekay silk tee

  • Delicate luster like silk is nice. Simple design, good for daily use (5color)
  • $ 23.72
  • May Long Raised Tee

  • It's a long fit and a generous fit. It's a cozy, brushed lining, perfect for winter inners! (3color)
  • $ 21.46
  • B patch cap sleeve tee

  • A daily T-shirt that has a nice fit with the string at the bottom and is also good for body cover! (3color)
  • $ 26.54
  • Karen back button tee

  • The soft touch is the best for daily use, and a stylish point with the back button! (3color)
  • $ 23.72
  • rolling linen tee

  • Best item Washing Linen blend that runs out of order every season, cool even in summer (3color)
  • $ 36.71
  • [MADE] Luna Hem Banding Tee

  • Hem banding is good for any bottoms Last season's great popularity, so anyone who has tried on a point color Add will unconditionally repurchase it (6color)
  • $ 22.02
  • Brooklyn Hood Sweatshirt

  • Hood Man to man with a lively and casual mood. Exquisite napping lining, perfect for a winter daily item! (3color)
  • $ 28.80
  • silk ribbon tee

  • Delicate Even if you wear only one silket cotton with a nice gloss, the point is definitely! (3color)
  • $ 25.98
  • Silk V incision Tee

  • Chic key point with incision line! Smooth touch and comfortable fit (3color)
  • $ 26.54
  • striped long knit

  • Long-length knit that covers the hips beautifully, with a loose and cool touch, cool in the summer season~ (4color)
  • $ 26.54
  • [MADE] Chalang Round Tea

  • Season-off FESTA Up to 90% soft ~ It feels good to wrap around. All-around item for all four seasons, recommended for collection!! (7color)
  • $13.33 $ 6.66
  • afternoon round tea

  • A popular item every year without fashion. Easy to wear with a sense of tension! (5color)
  • $ 17.85
  • [MADE] Dep Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

  • Daily Short-sleeve Man to man design Self-developed fabric, Quality UP, No deformation no matter how many times you run the washer/dryer! (5color)
  • $ 29.93
  • Ricotta brushed pants set

  • Whiturumaturu~ Warm napping set item! Perfect for one-mile wear without worrying about coordination! (3color)
  • $ 53.08
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