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  • MJ™ Silk Roll-Up T-shirt JT07424

  • Orders rushed!! Thank you. Silket processing makes it smooth and Delicate gloss T-shirt, but feels luxurious like a blouse (M,L / 5color) *BrownM 6/30 Estimate storage*
  • $ 28.80
  • Marend Incision Tee JT06384

  • With an incision line, it is a comfortable fit without being flat, and the cost-effectiveness is so good that it is the best for daily tea (3color)
  • $ 15.59
  • Beer collar knit JT07432

  • A sleeve line that covers the forearm beautifully all summer with a cool touch RN company (4color)
  • $ 21.46

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Product List
  • MJ™ Rosie Linen UV Neck Tee JT07217

  • Linen T-shirt with Neat UV neck design, comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear. Enza deep washing processing makes it comfortable to wear. (M, L / 5color)
  • $ 22.36
  • MJ™ Jelly V-Neck Tee JT06526

  • Monday-Tuesday-Wed-Thu Friday-Saturday daily look complete Good feeling of activity with tight elasticity Enjoy without worrying about sagging~ (M,L / 7color) *BlackM 6/30 Estimate storage*
  • $ 13.55
  • MJ™ Rosie Linen V-Neck Tee JT07231

  • Daily T-shirt that stands out with a cool natural look with an effortless V-neck. Comfortable to wear with enza-seam washing processing~ (M, L / 5color)
  • $ 22.36
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